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Healthy for you…Healthy for Our Earth

“The Healthy Tweaks Story”

My name is Rebecca Lynn Luman, but most people call me Becky.  I am a Civil Engineer by degree, with over 27 years of experience as a consultant and project manager in the environmental field. I have conducted Phase I ESAs and subsurface assessments of various businesses, manufacturing, and petroleum facilities, and have managed investigations and removal actions at State Superfund sites. I have also performed multi-media environmental compliance audits and environmental management system assessments within the aerospace, semiconductor, food, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and utility industries, and have prepared numerous pollution prevention plans, permits, and regulatory reports.  In addition, I have been responsible for identifying Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) legal obligations for various business and industries across the U.S., and for helping them maintain compliance with these regulations.  Prior to entering the private sector, I worked for a major public water supplier where I was part of a team involved in a federal Superfund Remedial Investigation, studying the impact of groundwater contamination over a 60-square mile area.

I am currently lead author on Site Auditing: Environmental Assessment of Property published by Specialty Technical Publishers, and was previously lead author on various environmental and health & safety auditing guides covering federal compliance, State environmental differences, California OSHA requirements, and federal construction and transportation regulations.  I am a Professional Engineer in three states (Texas, California, and New York), became a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) AP® (BD+C) to understand the impact of the built environment on the natural environment, and most recently, became an American Rainwater Catchment System Association Certified Associate to help promote the reuse of this precious resource and minimize the impact of storm water runoff from developed sites.



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Welcome to the home of Healthy Tweaks LLC, where we will lead you in making choices for your home, school, or business  that are

Healthy for You...Healthy for our Earth!™

The home is by far the most important place to ensure the safety and health of your family is always being treated with the utmost importance...


I formed Healthy Tweaks LLC in 2010 to encourage real people like you to make healthy business and life choices…ones that are Healthy for you…Healthy for Our Earth™.  I do this by raising awareness of consumers and businesses on the positive effects they can make on themselves and the Earth with the choices they make.  I also emphasize the importance of education…encouraging everyone to make time to volunteer at our children’s schools…as a good education is critical to the future of all children.

My experience as an engineer and mother are incredibly powerful influences on how I look at the world, and I hope that my work with Healthy Tweaks helps educate and empower everyone…mothers, fathers, children, business, and governmental leaders to make positive, healthy choices, and in doing so, will help our world be a healthier place now and for generations to come.

I organized Healthy Tweaks® to provide consulting services to real people like you who want to gain from life-experiences and learn how to make changes for themselves.  Whether working with businesses or individuals, my goal is not to do the work for you, but to educate and help you find available resources to make positive decisions for yourself…helping you take little steps (“tweaks”), instead of being overwhelmed or resigned that changes aren’t possible…that every little healthy change you make adds up for you, your family, business, or school, and our Earth.

At Healthy Tweaks®­ I am committed to never judging anyone. I am here to provide assistance for those interested in affecting their present condition in simple ways in order to create a positive impact on your day to day life and in ensuring a healthier Earth for future generations. 

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